Subliminal tips you have NEVER heard of before !!

We all get tired of hearing the same old things, and that goes for subliminal’s as well, if your looking for to speed up your progress and for some new tips that actually work- here you go!

Don’t look at your eyes?- SUNGLASSES

its all very well people on you-tube telling you to not look at your eyes or in the mirror but we all know that is basically impossible, and how can you put mascara on with eyes closed? you can find sunglasses anywhere but make sure they are tinted so you aren’t able to see your eye colour.


its well known that frequencies work faster in a cleaner body, but if  you don’t want to give up meat and dairy, you should try green tea or warm lemon water. They are both alkaline and are great for the digestive system. this will definitely speed up results.

BELIEF a problem??- edit!

it can be so difficult to believe or visualise ourselves with our desired eye colour, but we know that belief is key and visualisation really helps. look on the app store for an app to change your eye colour (i use you-cam makeup), edit yourself and put this as your new lock screen or wallpaper, because then you get more used to seeing yourself with your eye colour and you can also use edits of yourself to help visualise

Law of Attraction

some people may have heard of it but a surprising number haven’t. if you don’t know what it is i suggest you google it or you-tube it. This video has helped me immensely and I HIGHLY recommend you give it a try


You keep Giving up?  a subliminal BUDDY!

if you keep feeling unmotivated a subliminal buddy could be the thing for you – why? studies show that Humans are THREE times as likely to achieve a set goal if they have a buddy. there are many subliminal chats on whatsapp, instagram and even skype, but try and find someone you know who will do it with you- they may think your crazy at first but i’m subliminal buddy’s with my best friend and shes helped motivate me so much and its nice to share your progress with someone

thanks for reading, love,





How do I listen to a subliminal? how long? What do I do?

Hello everyone and well come to subqueenie! As many new subliminal listeners have this question I think it’s  a good start as a first post

“how do I listen- what do I do” now that is such a big question with so little answers.

how do I listen?

first of all , go and read the description box. Some subliminal channels (such as the harmonious light foundation) state that you must have no distractions and must be in a meditative state while listening. Others (such as quadible integrity) state that multitasking is fine.

The next thing you do is to make sure you  have good enough earphones/ headphones.( a good brand to start with is apple)

make sure your headphones aren’t broken, only working in one ear, have wire coming out or are distorting the frequencies.

make sure you aren’t watching tv or driving and make sure the volume isn’t too high

try and aim to listen at least three times a day . Listening for a few hours is also fine and make sure you aren’t using more than 4-5 subliminals a day (unless you are only listening to mind power subliminals)

make sure your not too busy. As many say it’s fine to multitask but try and avoid listening in somewhere extremely distracting, loud and that demands focus, such as the tube.

for a channel like quadible integrity make sure you are drinking water as frequencies can use a lot of energy and water helps flush toxins out as wll

other than that’s there is not much more to say. Please come back soon as I will be posting 1-2 times a week on exciting posts